How Do Choose The Right Company To Move To Dubai


Before going into the details to find the right mover. It is important to know about Best Movers Company Dubai, the actors of the move are divided into 3 types of moving companies: 

Independent companies: This is the majority type of company in the removals sector: 80% of them employ less than 10 employees. And have private individuals as their main clientele. With independent removal companies. A distinction can be made between “small movers” and “large movers”. 

Groups of moving companies: these are made up of a myriad of small moving companies. We can mention a few groups

Moving brokers: these are companies like Nextories, who work as trusted third parties between moving companies and individuals/businesses looking to move. They are responsible for comparing the different moving quotes for individuals and monitoring the move from A to Z.

Characteristics Of A Good Mover

To avoid risking a back strain or damaging your precious goods during handling and moving. You have decided to go through a Best Movers Company Dubai of professional movers. Faced with the multitude of companies present on the internet. In the directory of your city of origin or arrival, you do not know which mover to choose. Nor on what criteria to base yourself. 

We reveal here all our advice to accompany you in your approach. International movers company in Dubai helps you make the right choices and find your ideal mover.

How To Be Sure That A Company Is Serious And Experienced?

One of the first steps to ensure the seriousness of a moving company is to check if this company really exists. To verify that the moving company is declared, simply refer to the company’s RCS number.

Since moving is a regulated activity, the company must be registered with the Trade. And Companies Register (RCS) and the Register of Road Transporters of Goods (RTP).

The site will allow you to verify registration with the RCS. Get the company’s SIRET number. It is a unique 14-digit number assigned to each company. On the website of the Ministry of Transport, you will find the list of removal companies registered in the register of road haulers of goods.

Are There Certifications For Movers? 

The Union Chamber of Removals (CSD)

Some removal companies are also registered with the Best Movers Company Dubai. The work of the CSD provides a guarantee of quality. Because it is the only French organization that represents the moving and furniture storage trades. A true spokesperson for the profession, it has 520 companies in the sector. 

Indeed, by choosing member companies of this organization. You are sure to choose a professional mover with a transport license. Being registered in the registers (RCS) and also being insured.

Afnor NF Service certification

The Afnor NF Moving Service certification is also a guarantee of quality and reliability. Afnor is one of the oldest certification bodies in France. This organization verifies the quality of the reception, the implementation of solutions adapted to your needs, the quality and the authenticity of the administrative documents (quote, consignment note, declaration of the goods), the respect of the contractual commitments, the service after-sales and customer satisfaction of companies applying for certification. 

Should The Mover Have Insurance?

To choose your mover well, you must make sure that he has insurance. To do this, you can simply ask him for an up-to-date insurance certificate. Difficult to access it as an individual. However, it is recommended not to entrust your moving project to a company that refuses to send you proof of its insurance.

To find out more, visit our page dedicated to moving insurance.

What guarantees the civil liability of the mover?

The so-called contractual insurance or civil liability of the mover: covers the obligations of the mover and thus supports the damage that would be his fault.

What Is Damage Removal Insurance?

Damage removal insurance is complementary and corresponds to all-risk insurance. This has the advantage of covering all risks of damage during your move, even if the responsibility of the mover is not engaged. To get the experience of how we work Contact Us.

Can We Trust The Recommendations And Opinions On The Internet? 

Check reviews, ask around for references, read reviews on Google, Trustpilot or Facebook or take advice from moving brokers. 

Reviews are good indicators. Here you can learn how long customers have been leaving reviews, how many experiences share the company collects, and most importantly what users think of their movers. 

Indicators to take into account on comment and user opinion-sharing platforms: 

  • the number of stars or rating 
  • the date of the comment
  • the number of negative reviews
  • experience sharing 

It is difficult to say with certainty that all movers with good ratings on the internet are good movers. However, the reverse is always true! The best movers all have very good ratings on the internet or in our customer reviews.

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